Are electrical surges bad for appliances?


*Electrical surges, also called power surges occur almost daily in most homes. Depending on the source of the electric surges and type of appliances in the home, the electrical surges may or may not cause any damage.

What is an electrical surge? An electrical surge is a destructive disturbance to the normal electric delivery to a home. Typically, homes receive voltage in an oscillating pattern, from a low of zero volts to a high of 169 volts. Electrical surges cause an increase in the voltage. The increase in voltage is usually only a few hundred volts. However, sometimes the voltage increases to a damaging level of several thousand volts. The brief spike of increased voltage, or electrical surge lasts only a few millionths of a second.

What causes an electrical surge? Small electrical surges happen everyday. Certain appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, cause small spikes in voltage when they cycle on and off. Short-circuits in home wiring also cause electric surges. Electric surges may occur when the electric company performs power grid switching or when and animal touches two power lines at the same time. Accidents involving power poles or power lines, usually as the result of bad weather conditions, can result in damaging power surges. Lightning is responsible for most damaging electric surges, as a lighting strike near a home can send excess voltage through the ground and into a home's electrical service line.

What is the damage? An electrical surge can cause an arc of electrical current inside an appliance. The arc creates heat than can damage the circuitry within the appliance. The arc can get so hot that is starts a fire. The higher the voltage increase, the higher the probability of appliance damage. However, even small repeated electrical surges may harm the integrity of circuitry and shorten the life of appliances. Appliances with electronic controls such as key pads, electronic displays and programmable functions are particularly vulnerable to power strikes. Appliances with mechanical controls such as rotary dials and on/off switches, fare better during electrical surges. 

How to stay protected? Surge protectors use the home's wiring to divert the extra voltage of a power surge to the home's electrical ground wire. Homeowners can easily install point-of-use surge protectors. These surge protectors plug into wall outlets and protect individual appliances from small electrical surges. Surge protection installed at the electrical entrance panel provides a higher level of protection for the entire house. 

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