Dryer Cleaning

  • The inside of your dryer can build up with lint no matter how well you clean the filter.
  • Once this happens the lint coats the blower wheel, lint screen housing area and escapes inside the base of the dryer building up on the components including the  motor and heater assembly.

Why clean this out every few years ?

  • It will improve the performance of your dryer and prevent fires.
  • The cost to come vacuum out the inside of your dryer is $129


Dryer Vent Line Cleaning

We are now offering dryer vent cleaning -

  • Improve the Safety of your home with a cleaned out vent line.
  • Your Dryer will perform better / Proper Air Flow is crucial for your dryer to run properly.
  • Prevent Service Calls / a clogged dryer line will overheat and make the parts wear out quicker.

Vent Cleaning Starts at $159 ( appointments will be required for these service trips)

* One technician will arrive so we can only do single machines that are accessible.