Electrolux Stainless Side by Side

Product #: APB2222FEDU

Dimension: w35 3/4 - H68 1/2

Jenn Air

Product #: JCD2389DES

Dimensions: 35 3/4- 69

Kenmore Elite French Black

Product #: 596.73509200

Dimensions: 35 5/8 -

GE Profile Top- Freezer

Product #: PT525LHBRWW

Dimensions: 35 3/4 -

 Whirlpool Bottom Mount Stainless Steel

Product #:

Dimensions: 32 5/8 - 68 1/2

 Samsung French Black- Twin Cooling

Product #: RF265ABBP

Dimensions: 35 3/4 - 68 5/8


GE Side by Side Stainless Steel

Product #: GSL2ZJFTABS

Dimensions: 33 1/2 - 66 1/4

 GE Profile Counter Depth Stainless Steel Arctica

Product #: PSC25PSSASS

Dimensions: 35 3/4 - 71 5/8

Jenn Air with Ice Maker Counter Depth

Product #: JCB2389ARB

Dimensions: 35 3/8 - 69


 Samsung French White- Twin Cooling

Product #: RF265ABWP

Dimensions: 35 3/8 - 68 5/8

 Frigidaire Gallery French Black

Product #: FGHB2688PE

Dimensions: 35 5/8 - H 68 1/2


garage refrigerator from Big Jons Used Appliances in IndianapolisBasic Refrigerators

Typically 15+ years old


Our basic refrigerators are for older
homes and homes with smaller
kitchens and are usually between
16-19 cu. ft. These refrigerators have
obvious exterior blemishes and might not have
all the shelves and trays.



used standard white refrigerator at Big Jons Used Appliances in IndianapolisStandard Refrigerators

Typically 7-15 years old


A standard size (18 cu. ft-23 cu. ft)
refrigerator that shows minimal
blemishes and is in better overall
shape than the basic refrigerator.
The inside of the refrigerator has all
of the shelves, trays, and crispers.

Deluxe Refrigerators

 Big Jons Used Appliances most popular used appliances

Deluxe Refrigerators


Typically 1-7 years old


You get the Best Bargain for your $Dollar$ with these units

These refrigerator are for homes that are
more upscale or have large kitchens.
It is a larger size (20 cu. ft-28 cu. ft)
and is either a top mount refrigerator,
bottom mount refrigerator, or a
basic side by side. These refrigerators
are the nicest that we carry.


Just as with our used washers, dryers, stoves, and freezers, our used refrigerators are tested by experienced technicians and cleaned inside and out to ensure a quality product upon delivery.

Most of our property managers, REALTORS®, and landlords will initially visit our showroom to see our different price points and then just call in their orders; we do the rest, from choosing quality refrigerators to setting up delivery times with tenants! Before ordering your next refrigerator, you need to make sure you follow the proper steps to ensure you receive the product you are expecting. Here's what we recommend:

- Know your space! There have been countless times when a customer or landlord orders a refrigerator and does not know if there are cabinets above the refrigerator or if the space is limited on the width or depth. From experience, there are three things to consider when determining if your used refrigerator will fit in your space.
• Measure the height, width, and depth of the available space. The most common mistake is made when people forget to measure the depth of the space. Make sure that when the refrigerator doors are open, they will not be stopped by other doors, the stove, a cabinet, or any other permanent fixture in the kitchen. We delivered a beautiful, 22 cubic foot top mount used refrigerator to a home and it fit height and width-wise, but it was so deep that the doors could not open all the way because they hit the opposite side of the kitchen (it was a skinny galley kitchen). Fortunately, we have a 48 hour exchange program for items that do not fit properly and the customer was able to pick out another wonderful refrigerator that fit their spot.

• Make sure you can get it to the kitchen. Before going to shop for a used refrigerator in Indianapolis, make sure to measure the door way to get inside your home and any doorways/hallways to get into your kitchen. Some older homes will have enough room to get a side by side refrigerator into the home, but the hallways are too narrow for the item to get into the kitchen. We have seen several cases where a customer has the used refrigerator in their living room with no way to get the item inside the kitchen. Don't be caught in this situation! Measure first!

• Make sure the door opens the correct way. The easiest way to determine this is to see where the stove and other doorways are in relation to the refrigerator location. Make sure that the door opens AWAY from the stove if possible. This way, you can cook dinner and not have to bring your arm over the stove. If your refrigerator is right next to a wall, it is better to have the door open away from the wall to ensure it opens all the way. If your refrigerator is between a stove and a wall, then we recommend having the doors open towards the stove.